Wonderful Botox!!

The effects of Botox injections are amazing! After a treatment with a tiny needle, smaller than a tuberculine needle, the effects are noticeable in as early as 2 days. Gradually the effects of the Botox will set in and maximum results will be achieved within 2 weeks after your treatment. Botox results last between 3-5 months. I am happy to share with you that my patients have not experienced any complications from the botox injections I have administered!

You can enjoy the results of botox in areas such as your forehead, frown lines (between your eyebrows), crows feet, bunny lines (on your nose), lip lines (resulting in less creases above lips and the appearance of a slightly more plump upper lip), naso-labial fold (crease between outer edge of nose and lip), pitting chin, and down-turned lip edges (putting a upward smile back on your face). Amazingly enough, Botox can also be used in the axilla (underarms) to prevent sweating - lasting up to 1 year!!

I am looking forward to continuing treatments on my faithful clients as well as looking forward to meeting prospective clients

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